Salisbury -2018

By: Claudia and María, 3º A/D.


The staying in Salisbury has been great. Some families adopted us in groups of two or three people. My family was very friendly, I lived with a woman called Thelma and a man called Steven. They had a daughter and a son but I didn’t meet them because they were studying away.

DSC_0265We didn’t spend much time with the family though, in the mornings they went working very soon and my partner and I had breakfast alone. We had lunch in the school. The family prepared us the lunch and some snacks. At the end of the day we went back home and had dinner all together.

My family’s timetables were good because we didn’t have dinner too soon. We did it at 19:30, but other families had dinner earlier, some of them because they had young children.

Our house was a little bit far so we had to take the bus, we paid it with a card the school gave us. The stops were well indicated so you could easily get in and out of the right bus.

There were some special days in which we traveled to some other towns nearby, such as Bath or London. These were the days that I liked the most.

The first excursion we did was to Stonehenge in Wiltshire. We had a great time but unfortunately it started to pour so we couldn’t see much of the actual stone, but there was a museum with a recreation of the Stonehenge so we stayed there until the rain stopped.

DSC_0189The second excursion was to Bath where we made the most of our time, we shopped around and enjoyed the city.

I really liked Bath, I thought it was a beautiful city with an awesome history behind.

Last day in England we went to London, most of us had already been there, but still it was amazing, London is one of my favourite cities so I didn’t mind going back. We toured around the most important places, like Buckingham palace, Leicester square, the palace of Westminster…

We ate in Chinatown and we did some shopping at Piccadilly circus.

London was my favourite excursion, I really enjoyed it.

It all has been a nice experience and I’d like to repeat it all over again. We had lots of fun and I recommend this trip to everybody.

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